Canvas and preformed pieces

Top-quality environmentally friendly products

Canvas and hair interlinings contribute enormously to a perfectly fitting tailored jacket. For more than one hundred years, Freudenberg Performance Materials has produced a comprehensive range of canvas and innovative preformed products for a huge variety of garment applications.

Our canvas and hair interlinings are either produced entirely in-house at Freudenberg plants, from yarn preparation to the finished product or in long-term and quality controlled partner productions. Alongside traditional canvas products using natural fibers such as goat hair, horsehair, wool, linen and cotton, we have developed a range of synthetic-based products for post-processing applications for younger and casual fashions.

We can also produce any customized preformed items you need, for applications ranging from industrial and semi-traditional clothing to traditional chest piece constructions. Thanks to our global R&D and manufacturing network, we can quickly and reliably supply you wherever your facilities are located, worldwide.

Our canvas and preformed pieces are produced to consistently high quality using traditional methods. At the same time, we take a thoroughly modern approach to short production times and quick shipments.

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