supply chain

Simplifying your supply chain

Keeping you supplied, just in time

To minimize lead times and maximize product availability, we focus on informed planning and intelligent inventory management. Our dedicated SCM specialists are directly linked to our sales team. This enables them to know exactly what you need, when you need it, so we can adjust production and shipments to meet your real-time demands.

Our truly global organization and local availability of products means that there are no hidden transportation costs. With production sites and warehouses across the world, we are always close to your production site.

Specifications follow-up at factory level

Specification follow-up at factory level

To ensure that your specifications are strictly applied, our local sales and technical teams follow up on your orders at factory and agent level. We proactively provide regular updates and feedback to your headquarters, especially in the event of questions regarding specifications, interlining recommendations or agreed product ranges. For your own teams and processes, we also offer process optimization support and training on site.



Depending on the scale of our business relationship and your needs, we are able to provide you with an EDI/VMI service. The main advantages include increased in-stock inventory and reduced overall inventory in your supply chain. This makes it easier for you to plan production and place orders ensuring improved product availability.

Optimization of hidden costs

Optimization of hidden costs

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, cost optimization is critical. This goes far beyond looking at simple unit prices. What ultimately counts is the smooth operation and rationalization of your supply chain at a global level, which can unlock significant total cost savings.

We work with you to manage the entire supply chain process, from specifying and standardizing the quality of products and services to ensuring just on time delivery, anywhere in the world. With our global reach, comprehensive product portfolio and application expertise, we can support you in optimizing costs and streamlining your supply chain across all apparel segments.

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