Fair business is good business

Freudenberg is an independent family business that can trace its roots back to 1849 – and which has been operating internationally almost ever since. We act globally in a manner that contributes to sustainability maintaining our ecology, society and economy.

Today, creating value for our customers and pioneering innovations that enable them to increase their competitiveness goes hand-in-hand with respecting our social and environmental responsibilities.

We are active in all aspects of compliance, including health, safety and environmental standards, anti-corruption and fair business dealings as well as relevant legislation e.g. REACH. Our worldwide operations are accredited according to the following international standards:
ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 9001, Oeko-Tex (since 1993)

In addition, we have our own organization of health, safety and environment (HSE) and Freudenberg-specific safety standards, which in some cases exceed the legal regulations.

Social Compliance

Social compliance

The Guiding Principles of the Freudenberg Group have set the standard of our daily business conduct since 1887. We actively contribute to the welfare of society and willingly assume our social and environmental responsibilities. The Freudenberg Group joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative in January 2014. We fully support the ten principles of the Compact in four fields: human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption.

We are fully committed to sustainable and value-oriented business practices. In our factories, warehouses and offices human rights are always respected.

Longterm Orientation

Long-term orientation

As part of the global Freudenberg Group, our actions are characterized by financial prudence and solidity with a strong long-term orientation. Healthy and sustainable growth is essential for the company’s long-term success.

Ever since Freudenberg was founded in 1849, this family-owned technology company has been characterized by constant innovation and improvement based on a deep respect for proven principles. An important part of our long-term orientation is our strategic alliances with global customers.

Finacial Solidity

Financial solidity

The Freudenberg Group serves more than 10 different market sectors and is financially sound, with an equity ratio of over 50%. This strong base gives us the resilience we need to negotiate market needs and changes of textile and clothing industry. More than 7% of the Freudenberg Group’s total revenues are derived from the textile and clothing market, proving the importance of this market segment for the Group as a whole and our commitment to it.

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