Freudenberg Innerwear


Special solutions for intimate style

As with many other articles of clothing, modern nightwear and underwear needs to meet conflicting demands. In addition to an appealing, attractive appearance, it has to provide perfect form and function. Because it is worn directly against the skin, stretch and snugness factors are as important to customers in terms of their selection criteria as softness and comfort.

All these elements play a major role in choosing the right interlining. Our high-quality functional interlinings contribute to the optimal form, function and perfect fit of all types of nightwear and underwear. Depending on your needs, we offer everything from ultra-lightweight interlinings and water-soluble backing materials for delicate, lacy lingerie to stabilizing solutions for highly stretchable shapewear and molded brassieres. All Freudenberg Performance Materials products are certified according to the Oeko-Tex standard for textiles and can be safely worn against the skin.

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