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Active Range

Power up with Performance Solutions made by Freudenberg

To power up the performance of our customers’ garments, we launched Freudenberg Active Range, a portfolio of high performance Solutions for Stretch Active and Outdoor Active wear, which include interlinings, tapes, linings, bonding solutions, and measuring Tools.
Sustainability is an integral part of Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel’s business activities.This is reflected in the Freudenberg Active Range too, where most products are made from at least 70 percent recycled polyester. Thanks to their highly developed adhesive polymers, selected products in the range are exceptionally suitable even for complicated outer fabrics that are difficult to process. Despite being fixed, highly elastic facing fabrics retain their flexibility and remain breathable. This is ensured by a special technology with which the bonding compound is applied to a carrier material in the form of small dots without using a base material. And even for outer fabrics that do not allow fixation or where no fixation of the interlining is desired, the Active Range offers the ideal solution: sewable interlinings that allow a natural yet elastic feel while keeping the garment in the desired shape.

Stretch Active

Highly elastic, breathable, and sustainable.

• Our TPE nonwoven interlinings and elastic tapes with high elasticity stretch along with the garments and abet in shape recovery.
• Our woven and weft interlinings made from 100% recycled Polyester base materials maximize our impact as a sustainability-enabler.
• Our breathable bonding solutions with perfect moisture control optimize stretch and recovery of the garments.

Outdoor Active

Light, soft, flexible, and stretchable.

• Our soft, adaptable, and sustainable sew-in interlinings enable a naturally elastic feel of outdoor jackets, whilst keeping garments in optimal shape.
• Our bi-elastic interlinings with high performance adhesive designed for complicated and difficult-to-fuse outer fabrics retain the flexibility of outdoor jackets.
• Our stretchable linings allow jackets to stretch as your body performs with freedom and comfort.

Detailed Informations for Freudenberg Active Range

Stretch Active - Sew-In with rPET

Outdoor Active // Sew-in with rPET

  • AO 103
  • AO 402

Outdoor Active - Stretchable Mesh Box Lining

Outdoor Active // Stretchable Mesh Box Lining

  • MBS-111R
  • DBS-035N

Outdoor Active - Woven fusible with High Performance Adhesives

Outdoor Active // Woven fusible with High Performance Adhesives

  • MV 9501
  • MA 9123
  • MS 9201

Stretch Active - Breathable Bonding

Stretch Active // Breathable Bondings

Breathable Bonding is Freudenberg’s innovative dot bonding solutions which enable bonded areas to breath whilst retaining fabrics natural touch and feel. Currently, the Stretch Active
range includes three globally available breathable bonding solutions.

  • 240-06 A5-C144
  • DBT 123
  • DBT 125

Stretch Active - High Elastic Tapes

Stretch Active // High Elastic Tapes

  • SF 16
  • SC 10

Stretch Active - RCY for Mass Market

Stretch Active // Sustainable Interlinings

At Freudenberg, we thrive for sustainable solutions to make our products as responsible as possible. With 2,500,000,000 PET bottles being recycled each year, Freudenberg Performance Materials is a major recycler in Europe. Currently, the Stretch Active range includes three globally available sustainable interlinings.

  • RCY 9913
  • RCY 40
  • RCY 3023

Stretch Active - Super Elastic

Stretch Active // Super Elastic

Super Elastic is Freudenberg’s interlining family with a number of highly elastic solutions for a plethora of applications. Among which, five
products are promoted in the Stretch Active range and available globally.

  • XB 6133
  • XB 5033C
  • XB 5053C
  • UE 8973
  • UE 8993

Stretch Active - Thermopaper

Stretch Active // Thermopaper

  • 82-127 °C
  • 93-138 °C
  • 127-171 °C
  • 160-204 °C

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