The 7 pillars of the Freudenberg Apparel House of Sustainability

Recycled General Interlinings
Recycled General Interlinings

Providing PET solutions for sustainable apparel

We produce more than 250 different apparel interlinings and waddings with recycled fibers, using enough fibers to save 45 million bottles from waste every year Sustainable technical textiles from Freudenberg are driving the pace of progress. Freudenberg Apparel is a pioneer in the development of sustainable interlinings and waddings for the garment industry.

Starting more than 12 years ago, our materials experts have made it a priority to replace the use of virgin polyester fibers in interlining products with fibers recycled from post-consumer waste plastic bottles. We now manufacture and sell more than 250 different products for the apparel industry using recycled polyester as a raw material at our interlining and thermal insulation manufacturing sites in Germany, Mainland China, Taiwan, South Africa and Korea. Shifting to the use of recycled polyester fibers has saved the equivalent of at least 225 million bottles over the past 5 years alone from going to waste.

The range of our materials is extensive – but above all, their quality makes the crucial difference.

Global range (100% rPET): No. of articles 16

Local range (20-100% rPET): Europe: No. of articles 103, Asia: No. of articles 21

Application areas: Ladieswear/Menswear/Shirt/Childrenswear/Sportswear

Certifications: Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Oeko-Tex

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Recycable Interlinings

The new generation of interlinings

Made of Polyamide (PA6) – designed to be recycled: Interlinings that are made from PA6 can be recycled infinite times without the need for downcycling. PA6 retains all its quality and properties during the recycling process, enabling a continuous and consistent “circular economy”. Our PA6 interlinings define a totally new standard within the apparel industry.

Freudenberg Apparel has obtained Gold Level Material Health Certification from the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Products Innovation Institute for our PA6 product range. We offer several C2C Gold PA6 waddings in a variety of weights.

Global range: No. of articles -

Local range: Europe: No. of articles 4, Asia: No. of articles-

Application areas: Ladieswear/Menswear/Childrenswear/Sportswear

Certifications: Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Gold Level Material Health Certification, Oeko-Tex

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Energy Saving Interlinings
Energy Saving

Helping factories reduce energy needed

We have been pioneering the development of energy-saving interlinings for the last 20 years, helping garment factories to reduce their environmental footprint: Fashion trends evolve and Freudenberg innovates. Today, comfort is key, with many consumers preferring faded, vintage looks achieved through enzyme washes, stone washes or garment dye processing. Our E…E adhesive technology fuses faster and at lower temperatures, giving superior performance through washes and dyes up to 95°C without any risk of delamination or bubbling.

When compared with conventional adhesives used for post-processing treatments, E…E adhesive help factories reduce the energy needed for fusing by 17% and to increase output by an average of 18%, all with more reliable performance.

Global range: No. of articles 3

Local range: Europe: No. of articles 10, Asia: No. of articles12

Application areas: Ladieswear/Menswear/Shirt

Certifications: ECO-CHECK, Oeko-Tex

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Biodegradable interlinings

For a better tomorrow

Renewable and returned to the earth without any risk of toxic or other substances that could have a negative impact on nature and people. The degradation of polyester, which is contained in 60% of all garments, takes an average of 500 years. Alongside reduced consumption, more recycling and increased garment quality to ensure they can be worn for longer, innovative ecological solutions are urgently needed for the end of the garment life cycle.

We are a pioneer in this field and offer biodegradable interlinings for the apparel industry.

Global range: No. of articles 7

Local range: Europe: No. of articles 6, Asia: No. of articles 3

Application areas: Ladieswear/Menswear/Childrenswear/Sportswear

Certifications: Oeko-Tex

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Sustainable Cotton Interlinings
Sustainable Cotton

Responsible sourcing

We have certified products from Cradle-to-Cradle: Increasing numbers of brands and retailers in the apparel industry are committed to sourcing more sustainable cotton. The aim is to increase the income of smallholder farmers, eliminate hazardous pesticides, reduce the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizes, reduce water consumption and improve water quality and soil health, which includes positive carbon impacts as a result of more sustainable practices.

The impact of more sustainable cotton: Sustainable cotton standards and certification schemes vary in their requirements, but typically share common benefits. These include:

  • Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals on farms, or safer handling and more efficient use where chemicals are still used
  • Reducing water use for irrigating cotton crops, which can benefit other local water users and natural habitats, particularly in water-stressed regions
  • Reducing poverty among cotton farmers and workers on cotton farms through higher yields

Global range: No. of articles -

Local range: Europe: No. of articles -, Asia: No. of articles 53

Application areas: Shirt/Blouse/Waistband

Certifications: Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) Gold Level Material Health Certification, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Oeko-Tex

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Nature-based Interlinings

From nature, renewable and sustainable sources

Plants, trees, wool, silk and live hair for canvas: The use of nature-based materials is another aspect of contribution to sustainability. We offer thermal insulation containing silk or fine wool fibers for luxury garment manufacture. Our portfolio also features waddings made from cotton, soya and wool blends for sustainable quilting applications for the home sewing crafts segment (HSC).

Last but not least, our top class canvases contain a high proportion of animal and vegetable fibers for premium suit jackets.

Global range: No. of articles -

Local range: Europe: No. of articles 103, Asia: No. of articles 3

Application areas: Activewear/Leisurewear/Workwear/Fashion

Certifications: ECO-CHECK, Oeko-Tex

Recycled Thermal Insulation and Linings
Recycled Thermal Insulation and Linings

Made from recycled post-consumer PET bottles​

Made for premium softness, warmth and outstanding wearing comfort: comfortemp® thermal insulation products are made from advanced technology materials, combining perfect comfort with high thermal insulation properties and are available in a wide range of weights, fibers, hand feel and insulation levels. Additional features include excellent breathability, easy care, washability, and resistance to fiber migration. comfortemp® offers solutions for active sportswear, outdoor and fashion, high-performance functions and sustainable alternatives, made from recycled polyester.

With a fiber content of up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles, comfortemp®  thermal insulation products are available in a very wide range of weights and designs to create anything from very soft garments to highly durable workwear, even with flame retardant properties.

Global range: No. of articles 35

Local range: Europe: No. of articles 52, Asia: No. of articles 50

Application areas: Activewear/Leisurewear/Workwear/Fashion

Certifications: Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Oeko-Tex

Freudenberg Virtual Showroom

Freudenberg Apparel Virtual Showroom

Visit our virtual showroom in order to learn more about Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel: In our virtual showroom, you can find information about our market segments and our product range, about our “House of Sustainability” concept and general information about Freudenberg Apparel.

We keep expanding the contents and our offer and this is why regular visits and looking in are well worth the while.

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