Feel good with sustainable fashion

Feel Good With Sustainable Fashion

Did you know…At least 450 million garments sold worldwide in the last five years have been made with Freudenberg rPET interlining inside?

While sustainable practices have been part of the dialogue of the apparel industry for many years, consumers have not always spent their money in a way that has aligned itself with sustainable priorities. Now, that is changing. A survey commissioned by Oeko-Tex1 of 11,200 consumers in 10 countries took a consumer-focused approach to ask questions about how they trust communications related to sustainability. The findings confirmed that consumers are actively seeking better information on sustainable options for their fashion purchases.

Key to Confidence

Forming Responsible Partnerships

Freudenberg has built partnerships with international and regional brands seeking out reliable and compliant suppliers that support their efforts to bring sustainable fashion to the consumer. We focus on ensuring that quality consistency, product safety and compliance of our manufacturing process proceeds in a transparent way. We also actively seek out ways to bring products to the market that help create garments with a reduced environmental footprint.


An infinite variety of textile outer fabrics for womenswear can now be matched perfectly with nonwoven, knit, and woven interlinings made by Freudenberg of recycled fibers and yarns.


Men’s Tailored Jackets often use more than 30 different textile components inside. Freudenberg offers recycled polyester products for fronts & small parts, canvas & felts for chest pieces, lining, and other applications.


A outer jacket made with comfortemp® Fiberball Padding saves on average 5 bottles from waste

Making an Impact with Recycling

For the last 12 years, we focused on incorporating recycled fibers into our interlining and thermal insulation products. Now, brands can choose from more than 250 different interlinings and thermal insulation materials made by Freudenberg with recycled fibers around the world. In the last five years alone, we used fibers recycled from the post-consumer waste equivalent to at least 228 million bottles to make interlining and thermal insulation at our global production sites. It’s enough interlining to have made 450 million garments in a more sustainable way. Whatever your garment style or target consumer, you can find the solution in our recycled polyester product range – nonwoven, woven, weft & knit, canvas, felts & waddings, and linings.


(1) ”The Key To Confidence: Consumers and Textile Sustainability—Mindsets, Changing Behaviors, and Outlooks”, OEKO-TEX® and Anerca, 2017.

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