A Lower Fusing Footprint

Energy Saving Adhesive Technologies

Did you know Freudenberg has been pioneering the development of energy-saving interlinings for the last 20 years, helping garment factories reduce their environmental footprint?

In the 1980’s, the global market for affordable high fashion was exploding. The demand, especially for fashionable womenswear, brought a wide variety of new fibers and textiles to the market. Most fusible interlinings were coated with adhesives that required a fusing temperature above 132°C, which had damaging effects on the latest fashion outer fabrics. Freudenberg was the first to provide a solution in 1989 with a new Multi-Variable (MV) adhesive system that could fuse as low as 116°C, even on sensitive outer fabrics. The MV adhesive technology developed by Freudenberg set new standards for the industry, and enabled factories around the world to save energy by reducing their fusing temperatures by 10-20%.

Innovative Technologies Reduce Energy Consumption


The development of MV Adhesive in 1989 by Freudenberg made it possible to fuse delicate fashion fabrics at lower fusing temperatures.


Freudenberg’s Cold Water Soluble embroidery backings made it possible to achieve delicate embroideries without the use of hot water, reducing energy consumption.


E…E Adhesive Technology reduces energy needed for fusing especially for high-performance applications in apparel with enzyme washes and garment dyes.

Fashion Drives Innovation

Fashion trends evolve, and Freudenberg innovates. Nowadays, comfort is key, with many consumers preferring faded, vintage looks achieved through enzyme washes, stone washes, or garment dye processing. Freudenberg’s E…E adhesive technology fuses faster and at lower temperatures, giving superior performance through washes and dyes up to 95°C without any risk of delamination or bubbling. When compared to adhesive types common in the market for post processing treatments, E…E adhesive helps factories reduce energy needed for fusing by 17%, and increases output 18% on average, all with more reliable performance.


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