Back to nature

Biodegradable, organic, and recycled interlining innovations

Did you know…Freudenberg was the first to develop biodegradable, organic, and recycled interlinings, starting 24 years ago?  

In 1995, 24 years ago, our material experts developed and launched to the market the first biodegradable nonwoven interlinings for apparel. The ecologically compostable material was proven to decompose after approximately one month, leaving behind no toxic residues.

back to nature

Freudenberg’s biodegradable nonwoven interlining after 22 days in the earth (slowly rotting).

Innovation for sustainability  

Since the introduction of the first biodegradable nonwovens, we focused our research & development work on integrating even more sustainable raw materials into our product range, anticipating the growing need for sustainable materials for the garment industry. The results included other “firsts” to the market by Freudenberg. We introduced the first recycled interlinings in 2007, and the first organic cotton woven interlinings in 2008.  

Now, more than ever before, consumers understand that materials matter. Our innovative products support garments from the inside, helping the apparel industry move towards a sustainable future.

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