Freudenberg presents a hybrid revolution for insulation

Weinheim, 8 February 2021. Freudenberg Performance Materials Apparel launches comfortemp® FLEXX, the first adaptive insulation made of a warming and breathable padding with elastic reinforcement elements. Made with 95% recycled polyester, the result is an adaptive, sustainable insulation that changes its performance properties depending on how the wearer moves. When stretched, comfortemp® FLEXX is thin, extremely air-permeable and breathable. When movement stops, however, it still fulfills all the requirements of high-performance thermal insulation for sports and outdoor clothing, keeping the wearer warm even when wet. comfortemp® FLEXX also features an outstanding stretch content of up to 20% and is ideal for use in outdoor sportswear for cycling, running and skiing. The innovative padding was presented for the first time at the digital ISPO from 1 to 5 February. comfortemp® FLEXX has also been voted into the TOP 5 of the ISPO TexTrends.

Outdoor sports are particularly challenging at this time of year: it's cold, windy and occasionally wet. But it's not just the athletes who get pushed to their limits. The appropriate sportswear must also meet an increasing range of demands to deliver excellent thermal insulation with sufficient breathability and maximum freedom of movement. Freudenberg has developed the right product for precisely this challenge: introducing comfortemp® FLEXX, a hybrid innovation in the outdoor sports sector.

Breathability even at high levels of activity

comfortemp® FLEXX is able to deliver optimal warmth properties along with maximum breathability, even during intense activity, thanks to an innovative process that combines lightweight voluminous nonwovens with warp knit technology. The very soft and light padding adapts itself precisely to the wearer’s movements and level of activity, while preventing hot spots and overheating. During low-movement activities or at rest, the padding protects the athlete from cooling down. The adaptive insulation is furthermore extremely durable and compliant with the OEKO-TEX standard. As a result, comfortemp® FLEXX meets the particularly high demands placed on clothing for sports and outdoor activities.

Consistent quality, easy processing

The innovative processing of the padding with reinforcing threads prevents fiber migration through the outer fabric, and it is available by the meter. For the industry, this means less time and lower processing costs. For the end customer, it means no cold bridges will form at the seams.

Here, you can find more information on the comfortemp® range and the development of comfortemp® FLEXX...
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