Athleisure is the defining fashion trend of the 21st century

Weinheim, 12 March 2019. Athleisure is the defining fashion trend of the 21st century and performance apparel is leading the way.

That is what Jutta Vo Quang, Strategic Marketing Global Apparel, told delegates at the ASCBI conference in November 2018 and what is published in the ASBCI yearbook 2019.

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Consumers demand performance features that contribute to comfort in thermal insulation – elasticity, lightness and stretch. Once consumers discover these comforts, they do not want to lose them.

To make the most of this demand, apparel brands need to evolve function and style together as well as make the technology a selling point. Freudenberg’s high-performance interlinings, paddings and expertise enable you to meet these high demands. Evolve with us. Material matters.
Read the full article from the expert's conference in the yearbook of the ASBCI

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