IACDE Summit: Denim City Amsterdam with participation of Weinheim

Weinheim, 30 March 2019. IACDE member Freudenberg presented its latest interlining innovations on the subject of denim at the IACDE International Pattern Design & Garment Technology Summit.

More than 90 members from 10 countries took part in the event which was characterised by workshops and presentations of products as well as manufacturing and processing techniques. On 2nd and 3rd March, everything centred on the subjects of denim and sustainability:  How can you ensure sustainability while continuing to offer modern designs at the same time? Innovative and above all agile pattern design and processing technologies and techniques are asked for.

Sustainability and traceability in the fashion industry – not only for denim

What matters most when it comes to sustainability is the traceability and transparency of the entire manufacturing chain. All components must be produced in a resource-efficient manner and must be either degradable or reusable.   For many years, Freudenberg has furnished this proof for interlinings. Fashion retailer C&A has developed the Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) principle and, in 2018, launched C2C Gold certified jeans for which Freudenberg supplied a high-performance and sustainable interlining for the reinforcement of waistbands.

Freudenberg innovations around denim

Printed and/or printable interlinings, also for and/or made of denim, designed and manufactured in Italy are another Freudenberg innovation. The outer fabrics coated with adhesive enable fashion designers and manufacturers alike to create a unique design and character for their garments. And this is how the colleagues from the various regions Freudenberg operates in made valuable contributions to the IACDE Summit and in turn were able to deliver relevant impulses to the Weinheim headquarters.

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