comfortemp® Thermal Insulation

Insulation meets technology

comfortemp® Thermal Insulation made by Freudenberg is a range of advanced technology materials, combining perfect comfort with high thermal insulation properties:

The comfortemp® product range offers

  • solutions for active sportswear, outerwear and fashion
  • high performance functions through innovative technologies
  • a wide range of weights, fibers, hand feel and insulation levels
  • excellent breathability, easy care, washability, and resistance to fiber migration

The comfortemp® range also represents Freudenberg’s contribution to sustainability: from the use of renewable fibers to products made from 100% recycled polyester.

comfortemp® Global Range

Available worldwide

For more than 40 years, Freudenberg has been supplying world renown global brands and factories with quality thermal insulation paddings, engineered by our R&D teams and made by our own factories.

Now Freudenberg has launched comfortemp® on a global scale, with a handpicked selection of the very best and most innovative products.

Unique comfortemp® Technologies Available Worldwide:

  • comfortemp® fiberball
  • comfortemp® stretch
  • comfortemp® down feel
  • comfortemp® air     
  • comfortemp® protect    
  • comfortemp® soft


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