Fashionwear Treated Garments Post processing of garments innovative and unique Individual styles and designs are realized by means of intricate post processing methods such as garment wash stone wash enzyme wash and garment dyeing These put a significantly higher strain on the structure surface and color of the outer fabric and the interlining as well Freudenberg interlinings for modern and functional fashion wear are extremely adaptable and resistant to pilling An innovative adhesive system creates the perfect connection between the interlining and the outer fabric For the fashion conscious consumers of today clothing has to offer the perfect balance between style and function The demands are high in regards to comfort and individual design From transparent blouses to casual jackets manufactur ers prefer interlinings made of lightweight elastic nonwoven woven and weft materials They provide invisible stabilization and are indispensable for modern production processes FASHION WEAR THE FIT IS ALWAYS PERFECT WITH FREUDENBERG Trouser waistbands and loops robust and well conceived Webs used in loops not only add sta bility they also prevent the open ends of loops from fraying Freudenberg tapes help to stabilize shapes and to facilitate efficient manufacturing Chest pieces and pre formed parts perfectly in shape with pre formed interlining components Menswear with washing treatments and lightweight con structions are currently in vogue Freudenberg offers a range of washable interlinings and components including pre formed chest pieces and sleeve head rolls without interlining with interlining 8 Lapel tape Lisier tape Sleeve head roll Canvas Elastic interlining Belt loop bonding Hem tape Front fusing Edge securing tape Hem Tape Waistband interlining

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